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About Us

Since 1999 we have managed to keep our promise of providing the best value for money. A decent cost for our customers, the best quality for our windows and doors and always looking into the future with confidence!

Our Factory

Surrounded by medieval churches and fortresses, the area enclosing the factory is at the heart of Transylvania’s Carpathian mountains where our skilled craftsman and women have learned their magic brought down from generations to generations. The cutting age machinery that the factory holds allows these talented hands to deliver the highest levels of quality, all intertwined with their virtuosity.

The factory was founded in 1999, starting as an interior doors producer, rapidly by 2002 it added the wooden windows and patio doors production line and grew larger in the years to come. In 2014-2015 and recently in 2018 the production plant received major investments  and with the help of the new equipment we are now capable of producing better and faster than ever before.

“Finally, A Place To Build Your Dreams Into Reality.  “

In order to obtain the best quality for our products we have tried to keep all aspects of our business in check. There has to be a harmonious blend between the different parts of our organization to be able to jointly converge these efforts into producing the very best that is. We are Benati. 

Our production in numbers

more than 11.000 square meters of production floor and warehouses

entrance / exterior wooden doors / scandinavian doors – cca. 3.000 units/month

interior wooden doors – cca. 10.000 units/month

wood windows / aluminium cladded wooden windows – cca. 800 sqm/month

good transport links to major European Routes

Feel The Difference 

Good People. Good Results

We are constantly improving our production with new sets of machinery and devices that perform automatic tasks, more accurately executing certain operations in the doors and windows manufacturing process. However, hand-made adjustments and final touches are essential in providing our customers with the best value money can buy. We carefully inspect and fine-tune each and every door or window to match the desired quality and aesthetics that makes Benati stand out of the crowd. 

“I started working with Benati in early 2006. That was my very first big real estate project with 200 apartments in Northern Bucharest. Back then, they were the only real option for a fast and good deal. By 2018 I found them again as the only fesable solution for one of my projects. Their flexible production makes it a lot easier to match different requests from their clients. I’m looking forward to my future projet with Benati as partner.  “

Maria Georgescu

“For me as an architect, a major challange is to find the right manufacturer that can transform my vision into a palpable reality. I started working with Benati in 2002 and since then we have had numerous projects perfectly delivered to my clients. Smooth and swift !”

Diana Johansson

“In 2004 we’ve had our apartment renovated and had all our old windows and doors removed and changed with new ones from Benati. Very pleased with the new look. Then two years later our family grew with two children and a dog  so we needed a bigger house. Building our new home and working with Benati in fitting us with their new series of doors and windows was the best choice! “

Zsófia Kovács

Does Benati have its own production?

All our windows and doors are produced in our factory in Betesti, Cristuru Secuiesc Harghita county . We hold the facilities and the production plant to manufacture all our products.

What are the products that Benati manufactures?

We manufacture: 

Interior doors in different types and finishings. 

Wooden Exterior doors 

Scandinavian Exterior wooden doors 

Wooden Windows 

Aluminium Cladded Wooden Windows. 

Please check our product pages for more information on our production range. 

Is Benati producing custom-made doors ?

We can produce small series of doors custom made to the client’s specifications in some cases, but you have to address this enquiry to our sales representatives. 

Please check our Where to buy page to locate your nearest sales representative. 

Does Benati produce windows for passive houses?

Our range of windows contain collections that are suitable to respond to passive house energy efficiency request. 

Please check our Windows page to learn more about our windows. 


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