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We build windows and doors that match your boldest expectations. Benati manufactures custom-made windows and doors in small or  large volumes, depending on our customer’s needs while responding with the same devotion to detail and quality to all our projects. 

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Doors and Windows that care for the environment

When you’re choosing a door or a window from Benati, you also make the best choice for the environment. For us, choosing the environmental alternative goes hand in hand with a healthy, sustainable living. 

Historically, windows and doors have been finished with colours and solvents that are highly toxic pollutants and harm the nature. Progress has been made and today we have plenty of other alternatives that are environmental conscious and sustainable. Benati has been using environmentally friendly water-based paint systems since the 2000’s, one of the pioneers in the industry. Although more difficult to work with and also with longer drying and processing times, the water-based paint solutions are our longstanding choice.

Throughout the years we have followed the principles of sustainable development guidelines and managed to maintain these requirements by purchasing wood only from trusted sources . 

All our products are recyclable. One has to remove the hardware and glass before combustion. 

Our factory premises use complex systems of extracting wood related debris from the production process in order to be further used in the manufacture of by-products or  heating of our plant facilities.



If you’re looking to replace your windows or doors in your house or apartment, or you’ve just build your dream house, Benati is the right choice. When choosing your windows or doors, aestethcis are obviously important and sometimes the first criteria of choice. However, choosing the right window or door for the right house can sometimes be a tricky business. We at Benati have one of the best experts and sales people that exist in the market. A sales team with more than 15 years of experience in the field and thousands of projects masterfully fulfilled will guide you through the right choices with the leats effort.

With Benati, you get help starting with the first contact and detail specification until the final product is installed and ready to serve.

Feel free to ask us for advice in choosing the right window or door for you !


Interior Doors

We manufacture a wide range of interior doors with various textures, finishing and colours. Depending on the material, style and form, Benati’s interior door are classified into different series.

DECO  minimalist smooth design

RESIDENT  traditional patina look

MATRIX  modern fantasy texture

DECO PAINT  high-end elegant design

EXPERT natural veneer premium classic

Wooden Windows

Our high performance wooden windows represent the peak of technological innovations in wood processing. Benati leads the movement towards a more sustainable, environmental friendly future. Our whole production process is purposely designed to match our vision regarding a healthier time to come.

Exterior Doors

Produced from various essences of real wood, our exterior doors range from classic designs with beautiful traditional shapes to futuristic and daring styles.

Check our dedicated Exterior Doors page for more details into our models and custom constructions.


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