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Interior Wooden Doors

Our range of interior doors is a special blend of German simplicity and functionality with a hint of Mediterranean flavours in details and textures.

Italian inspired models of beautiful doors are produced with robust and efficient technical solutions of frames and hardware that manages to withstand even the harshest traffic conditions a door could ever encounter.

Exterior Massive Wood Doors

Mostly custom-made, impressive and solid exterior entrance doors, produced from beams of real wood of noble essences in various designs and shapes. These types of entrance doors are highly reliable and beautifully constructed to bring your house the “home” feeling you’ve always longed for.

One thing’s for sure about these doors, they’re not cheap. But they certainly don’t look cheap either. Well maintained, these are doors to last forever, as beautiful as in their first day!

Special / Technical Doors

Since we’re manufacturers, we hold the privilege of transforming your “dream door” into reality. Hence, most of our doors can be produced as double doors, symmetrical or asymmetrical, with sidelight or uplight, with atypical dimensions and so on. On the other hand, we produce special doors with applications in building such as schools, hotels, hospitals, etc.

These doors are always custom-made to match the customer’s expectations and special request. 

Interior Doors Series

We at Benati differentiate our interior doors  based on their design and functionality.

However, since all our doors require the same amount of care and attention to detail and quality, we’re just as affectionate to each and every one of them. 

Enjoy !

Welcome to Deco Series

Smooth and minimalist design for interiors with a lot of personality. The Deco Series are meant to perform a door’s task with grace and discretion. Different models interplay with the glass and finishing options of your choice.

Welcome to CPL Series

The very resistant surfaces of the CPL Series withstand traffic conditions that go beyond the normal usage of a interior door. Hence their suitability to commercial environments such as office buildings, public institutions and the like.

Welcome to Resident Series

Classic looking beautiful doors. Our patent finishing that involves manual application of patina effect on our Resident Series is by far the most recognisable Benati door. These series are the very first doors ever to be manufactured by us, hence we take great pride in their continuous development and improvement. 

Welcome to Matrix Series

Bright and high-end design from Benati.

We introduced the Matrix series just a few years ago and they rapidly gained traction with our customers. A white, clean finishing on these doors brings the freshness you always wanted for your home. Check our models and look carefully at the texture.

Isn’t that amazing ?

Welcome to DecoPaint Series

Premium doors for pretentious customers. Yes, some of us are harder to please. These are the doors designed especially with this exquisite category of clients in mind. We sand, furbish and smooth the laquered sufraces of the DECO PAINT Series meticulously by hand. Then we carrefully insert the glass and hardware for our customers to enjoy the perfect door they’ve always wanted.

That’s how we do things here at Benati.


Welcome to Expert Series

Our pride and joy. The Expert Series. 

Real wood veneer, finished with water-based painting solutions in various essences and lasyr. These are the most versatile doors manufactured in our factory. The Expert Series represent the highest level of both engineering and aesthetics achievements in our industry. 

The natural feel of real wood, blend with the novelties of hidden hinges or filomuro door designs bring our customers the exact range of choices one would expect from a renowned door manufacturer.

We are Benati. 

Exterior entrance wooden doors

Timeless classic look merged with technologic novelty ! The door thickness of these wooden doors can range from 68 mm, 78 mm, 92 mm or 95 mm to a whopping 109 mm !  The inner boards contain an insulating innovation that involves real wood, aluminium sheets and extruded XPS, thus completely eliminating any risk of cracks and bends. 

Technical specifications

Real wood thickness: 68mm; 78mm; 92mm; 95mm and 109mm.

Insulating inner boards of:

_XPS extruded core for thermal care

_two aluminium plates as vapour barrier

_multi-layer wood veneer to prevent cracks and bending

Simonswerk Baka 3D PROTECT hinges.

Guttman aluminium threshold with thermal barrier

Multi-point security lock and double gaskets.

GreenTeq handles and hinge covers for different finishing options.

Full choice of colours and lasyr from our range.   

Entrance doors gallery

Please see below few of our EXTERIOR ENTRANCE WOODEN DOORS models.

Given the fact that almost all these doors are custom-made, these models are just a mere guidance towards a vast palette of constructive options.

Enjoy !


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