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Over the years, we’ve encountered numerous situations that concerned pretty much the same type of questions and answers. So we thought of compiling these reoccuring instances into the set of Frequently Asked Questions s you can see right here on the side. 

Of course, you can always call or email us, as we’re always very happy to help! But if you fell hesitant and really don’t know yet what you want, these topics might shade some light on the basics of how things work with us.

Go ahead and check them out ! 


Custom-made or standard products ?

Benati tries to balance the amount of products that could be considered standard as opposed to the range of windows and doors that are manufactured according to the specific desire of our customers. Most of the time we tend to create products that are tailored-made to fit the precise requirements the client desires. We’re able to perform such tasks masterfully mainly because of our factory’s technological state-of-the-art equipment but also thanks to our skilful carpenters, engineers and experts in doors and windows production. 

Where can I see Benati's windows and doors ?

Depending on our customer location and connection fit, Benati holds both a show-room at the factory premises in Harghita County and one in Bucharest. We also carry an International Sales Office for our abroad customers. 

Here are some quick contacts:

+40 745 322 016  International Sales Office

+40 744 652 544 Factory and Show-room 

+40 746 209 530/531/533 Bucharest Show-room

These are the places where you can see and feel the whole range of windows and doors that are produced in our factory. 

Please check our contact page to get the exact location. 


Who deals with the installation ?

Since being mainly a manufacturer, Benati does not offer installment services for its products. We only concentrate on producing our windows and doors at the highest level of quality and detail.

However, depending on our customer’s project location, we have a list of partners with which we are collaborating for the installation of our windows and doors. Benati can recommend reliable fitters located throughout the country who have the appropriate knowledge of our products

Please discuss this issue directly with our sales representative when arranging the order. The instalment team is also the third-party responsible with the correct measurement of your windows and doors.

How and where do I place an order ?

As observed in our contact page, depending on our customer’s location and project size there’s to choose either from the factory headquarters, or our Bucharest Show-room sales team.

Providing us with a very detailed request for your project is a sure way to receive a price quotation that reflects a profitable deal. We will always make sure that you receive the most accurate calculation according to your request.

Contacting us on either phone, email or social media will always return a rapid and expert response from our team of professionals. 

Our project managers will assist you at every stage of your project, making the ordering process as straightforward  and as stress free as possible. That being the reason why so many of our customers come back to us and recommend us each time. At the core of our business model stand proficient, experienced individuals who have your full satisfaction in mind in everything they do.

Give us a try! You won’t be dissapointed. 

Delivery, transport and packaging ?

Benati makes sure it protects every piece of material in the best way possible, hence all our products leave the factory properly secured and ready for transport. 

Depending on the customer’s order volume and value we usually arrange home deliveries anywhere in the country or in our warehouses in Bucharest. You can always pick up a product directly from our factory if the item  is on stock or ready to be delivered. 

When placing an order, please discuss this issue more with our sales representatives. 

How should I fill in the online price request form?

Once you’ve send us an email or through the site contact form with your project, we’ll call or email you to check the details of your offer and answer any questions you may have. We have a strict privacy policy and we make sure we’ll never share your  personal details with a third party.

Providing your measurements when you have a new building project or house extension is relatively easy. You can send us your drawings and sketches and we can work with those dimensions. However, we understand that it is not so easy accessing the outer edges of windows and doors and the process might be difficult. Simply measure the window or door from edge-to-edge of the visible frame or aperture. This will be more than enough for us to prepare your quote in the first stage. Afterwards, we’ll arrange a home visit for the final measurements and details.

What types of wood do you use in production?

First of all, the process of constructing a door or window starts with the wood beams dried in the oven to a moisture content of up to 12% and impregnated with  a preservative. The timber is also cut in finger joints  to reduce the number of knots. This not only provides a high quality finish and appearance, but also helps to strengthen the product on the long run, making it more stable, eliminating any possibility of resin infiltration after the final construction of a window or door.

Benati products are made of well-managed sustainable wood. Using a technically advanced approach known as lamination, the beams of wood are created by 3 or more wood layers that are arranged with the grain in opposite directions to allow the wood to move while being kept in control by  the adjacent sections. This creates an extremely strong and rigid material that simply can not twist or warp.

Choosing a hardwood alternative has become a very popular solution for recent projects, for example with sliding or folding doors that lead to a terrace area. Often, these projects include an aluminum-coated product along with an wooden interior. There are other situations where renovation or expansion projects are located in a conservation areas that require an exact match of the wood with the rest of the property. We can offer a wide range of timber, including oak, larch, meranti. 

See more about our wood essences in the Windows section of our website. 

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